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Maxi Size is another penis enlargement cream I “discovered” today. Unlike other treatments for penis enlargement, Maxi Size seems to have a better organized website. However, there are still some gaps with the information presented.

See how much Maxi Size cream costs for 1 month

On the price of Maxi Size cream and on the stocks available I would like to add something fast. They don’t believe everything that is written on the websites that sell Maxi Size cream and say there are only a few pieces in stock.

Read about Maxi Size’s side effects

It’s just a marketing strategy to sell faster and faster. You, take all the time you need to read all the opinions and discussions in blogs and forums, as they don’t find the most relevant information, as there is no brochure on the official Maxi Size website.

Where to start? Approximately, everything I see on your website seems to me to be a scam, a marketing strategy and a lot of scam again.

I read somewhere on the Maxi Size website that this cream is clinically proven, somewhere in Japan. “Very nice, what can I say?” But nowhere have I found a link to an official website to see if Maxi Size is really a clinically proven cream.

In addition, on their official website, they promise, they even guarantee that the penis size will grow to 5 cm per month, using Maxi Size cream. I find it so ridiculous and honestly, I pity people who really think this thing is possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say Maxi Size would be ineffective. I haven’t had a chance to try the cream, so I can’t say from my own experience if it’s effective or not, but as a manufacturer/distributor I said it increases the penis by 5 cm per month, it’s an exaggeration!

As someone on another blog used to say, nails don’t grow that much in just one month.

When it comes to supplements and things for penis enhancement, I personally am very interested in this aspect. I know that potency supplements, for example, are accompanied by more or less serious side effects, depending on certain things.

But well, for the Maxi Size Spain cream, in its official website is specified that it does not cause side effects, allergic reactions or addiction, as is the case of Macho Man. Also, in that paragraph they say that the results are permanent. Wait, what results?’ Cause five inches a month ain’t gonna get nobody!

I don’t believe the opinions about Maxi Sizeque can be found on their website. What do you read them if you want, I have read them and felt that those who have published on that website tried to insult my intelligence.

I expect some opinions from ordinary people, like myself or you, who have so far used Maxi Size cream.

If it worked, I’m anxious to know what the results are and how long it’s been. If Maxi Size didn’t work, some details regarding the period of use would be nice to know.


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